15 Jul 2010

Jingle bells?

Now that my brother has a baby daughter to look after he's really changed character, in fact he is behaving so out of character he's even planning what's happeneing for Xmas.... he doesn't even plan what bowl to have his cornflakes out of... infact he'd have them from a plate and not bat an eyelid....

This is all very disconcerting.

Credit crunch, what credit crunch?

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Right now things are breaking down and the contagion is spreading, my friend called me and told me today that her fridge was broken. It's at times like these especially when money is a little on the tight side that what you really need is a fixer and low and behold one appears armed with a stack of VISA cards ready to bring your FIFA world Cup experience to life and with a prize to be won of £20,000 on a VISA prepaid card. Yeah, who couldn't do with that I wonder. All that you have to do is dazzle the fixer with your most clever, imaginative and even a little outrageous idea of how you would like to watch a match over here and it could be brought to life.

Doesn't that make you want to do a somersault back flip kick.

After all Xmas is just around the corner, I like to plan way ahead and really push the boat out so any extra I can get is a bonus and you know how bad the Credit Card bill can be come January, so I really need to get my thinking cap on and try and come up with something spectacular, This is IMPORTANT, Christmas is also at stake now so I can't afford not to give this 1000%.

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13 Jul 2010


Yup, time for a four X post, I've not been posting much lately as I've tajken matters into my own hands, not too long ago a friend told me about Forex Trading, I've been looking for ages for a way to get out of the rat race and I'm feeling like taking a few risks so I've been spending a lot of time finding out about chart analysis and messing round on free demo accounts to see if it is really possible for me to make any kind of money doing this and finally give up the day job.... I suppose that the first you will know about it is when I stop posting......

5 Jul 2010

Tickling your funny bone

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I've been wondering about getting an iPad for a while now but borrowed a netbook for a friend before I went on a flight to Jersey. The great thing about it was that it was light, not too fiddly, but the best part the screen was great for viewing films but also I got great internet reception and streemed things like SeeSaw seamlessly. I watched loads of stuff and the time in the terinal just flew past.
Comedy section was great, I can't watch anything too serious and intense, I just can't concentrate on it and watch for my flight. With comedy it's great, it's always in nice bite sizes that entertains you, but don't require you to try and keep following a complicated plot.

The best part about Comedy Section is seeing some of the comedy programmes I hadn't seen in a while, like "Red Dwarf" and "Fawltey Towers", some of them are just sheer classics and great for passing the time. I spent ages watching "Father Ted", I've seen every episode of every serious atleast a dozen times and it just keeps getting funnier.

I remember as a kid staying up late to watch "The Young Ones" and remember how my parents just didn't approve of it, not one little bit. I'm going to be stuck on this site for ages and next time I'm might actually miss my flight, but there's nothing to worry about, I will have plenty to keep me entertained until I can get another one.


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4 Jul 2010


Just back from the island of Jersey, that little offshore tax haven that's almost like a small island holiday camp and can't be bothered to cook, so having a chinese!!!!!

Shredded beef in a chilli and plum souce, Singapore Vermincelli and may all time favourite Chicken Fried rice with a tub of curry sauce to pour all over it... BUuurrpp!!!!

30 Jun 2010

Jersey Here I come

Off to Jersey to visit my brother, his wife has not long given birth to a baby daughter so i'm over to see her for the first time. No baby pivtures yet but i'm sure there will be loads

28 Jun 2010

I love the Pixies

The only thing I like about the World Cup is that an advert uses this song.

24 Jun 2010

3 Peaks Finish

Everyone home safe and sound now, we managed to complete the challenge just outside of the alloted 24 hours but just 20 minutes, but everyone wants to do it again next year and everyones really pleased with their acheivement. We all had fun which is what matters most and we managed to get a few more ££££ for charity too and we have some nice photographs and memories too, and a good few laughs.

18 Jun 2010

Three Peaks Pt1

Off on the 3 peaks challenge tomorrow, so far as a team we've managed to raise £7,500, although I wont be walking the peaks I will be a support driving, getting people from A to B and preparing food and stuff.

Should be fun and looking forward to doing it.


14 Jun 2010


You know.... I never really got into football, just never had the interest so although the world cup is on the horizon it wont really make any difference to me.
Ah well, maybe I give cricket a go, the weather is good for it.

9 Jun 2010

I love rustic cooking which is why I love Ratatouille

I like the recipe on here as it's simple and quick, but I prefer to cut some of the corgettes and Aubergines a little more finely nad sometimes like to add some beans too as I usually find it doesn't fill me up for long, so the beans bulk it out a little.

5 Jun 2010

Summer is here

Finally, today has been great and really warm, it's starting to look like we will have a really great summer after all. Only problem is I seem to be working most of it. My brothers wife is expecting and should drop anytime soon, so I'm waiting till then before I take anytime off work.

15 Mar 2010

Getting Ideas

Looking around and getting ideas for my break, I've found through a little bit of digging around on different carrier's websites I've managed to find a couple of nice cheap flights to Dublin. I've never been before, been to Belfast and the north as well as parts of the south but never the Capital of the south. Might book it tomorrow but I need to work out the finances and see what hotels and accomodation is like round there.

Time for another break

I've been back at work now for 3 weeks and I have come to the conclusion..... I need another break. Think I might book a flight some place exotic.... like... Glasgow..... or somewhere further a field. I think I might book something for just after payday, a quick city break, see where the cheapest flights are and just pack a small rucksack and off.

6 Mar 2010

Breath in, breath out

I have been breathing in and out of this brown paper bag for days now. As you may have read a few days ago my best friends is M.I.A and last night I got to touch base with her and it was just in the nick of time before I turned into Patrick (you know Patrick the starfish from sponge bob) Last time I turned into Patrick I lost all ability to use my brain and I went to live under a rock. So we touched base and I got some of my sanity back, I have put my brown paper bag in my back pocket as I just know she is about to run away again.