21 Dec 2008

Love will tear us apart.

As this is my first ever post I want to put something on here other than test,test,test.
So thinking back I thought I'd like to share something I saw a few weeks ago when visiting a friend in hospital.
I'd finished visiting and started to head for home, in the hospital I reached the stairs which were a short wide flight of stairs, I stopped for a second to put on my coat before heading out.
On the stairs just in front of me, a young looking nurse was there helping an elderly man down the stairs, there was maybe only 8 steps but she was helping him take them one at a time. He was holding onto her arm and her hand was gripping his firmly, both seemed oblivious to my presence and seemed to be looking slightly down and ahead and looked like two people just out for a stroll. As they took each step one by one the nurse was part humming part singing the chorus of a song, "Love will tear us apart" as the companions took each step, "Love, Love will tear us apart... again".
I stopped for a moment until they'd got to the bottom of the stairs and left through the doors, still walking hand in hand.

I doubt either realised how it must have looked to someone watching and for me makes it all the more special.

Love Will Tear Us Apart- Joy Division


Jennifer said...

A truly surreal scene. And now I've got that song in my head again, a month after we rented Control.

MyUtopia said...

Loved control.... it really takes me back to the days of the Hacienda