22 Dec 2009

Christmas No 1

I love Christmas, it's great, it's a time of the year to think about friends and loved ones and try and spread a little cheer, yes, you buy gifts for people so it's always a lucrative time of the year for retailers.... but there is something that is always going to rankle people and that is using it to try and just extract money from peoples pockets by creating a TV programme that willl only have a finale at one time of the year and that is the peak time before Christmas to release a record to try and cash in on the season and see it get to No1, a nice little advertising coup. So is it any wonder people decide to make sure some pap wasn't rammed down their throat but to rally behind a different, less exploitative of the season song. What other means did people have to say to the producers on the X factor that they were sick of having Christmas hijacked so they could make money. I'm glad it's not No1, not because I hate the song, not because I hate the show, not because I hate the winner..... but because it's a time of year I want to mean something so everyone and I mean something that makes us all feel united which is what I felt the Xmas no1 symbolised, but once it became a money making machine it took something away from everyone whether they liked the xmas No1 in previous years or not.

Happy Xmas everyone.....

This has been a good year for me. x

17 Dec 2009

What do bloggers have?

If writers have writers block, what do bloggers have.
I'm just caught up in nothing, absoluelty othing that I can't think straight, I'm worrying and stressing about Christmas but I'm doing nothing about it.

Even taking time off work hasn't helped.

Nevermind, soon be the New Year and a fresh start for everyone and a bit of a clean slate. Maybe then I wil find things easier to work on.

5 Dec 2009

It's a struggle

The only thing I hate about Christmas is that I spend soooo long agonising about what to get people, I usually start out with a general idea of what I want to get everyone, a kind of theme and hen work things in from there. The problem is when I do that I end up getting the sort of things I'd rather get for myself so still end up rushing around trying to get presents last minute. I've decided that I'm going to try and get people food, things like olives and cheese and maybe wine. I hate getting things for people, things that are just things, but food is something they can enjoy and share with other people which is a lot nicer. There is one odd present I may get people and that is something called "Camp" it's a Chicory and Coffee syrup that when I was a kid I used to add to coffee and also take with me when I went camping, adding just the right amount always makes coffee taste a little mellower.

2 Dec 2009

Countdown to Crimbo

So far I have a grand total of 2 presents to give to people.
There's time but the problem is I'm a terrible shopper I browse, I pick, I put down, I ponder and spend ages agonising over what I think people will love for xmas.

With so little time and believe me it's not enough I am going to need some help.