19 Feb 2010

No Scrupples

Why do I do this to myself, there I am enjoyiong my time away from work, walking down the street when I duck into a side road off the busy high street to take a call.
Suddenly I notice there on the ground a £5 note.

At first I think... cool £5, then I think, but it's not mine, in some way's it's stealling.... but if I don't pick it up, someone else will and they wont bat an eyelid..... but what if it belongs to someone on a pension or very little money.... I could put it in a charity box!... I pick it up and my moral dilema continues as I walk along the street. Then I walk past a pub... and I stop, and I think.... and I think.... I would walk over the road, gte a newspaper and sit in the Pub and have a pint and relax... I am on Holiday.... then I think like I'm in an episode of My name is Earl"... and I think about Karma and "Do good things and good things happen... etc etc" amd so I think ... what would Earl do?.... Forget buying a newspaper and just take one of the abandoned ones in the pub and have 2 pints instead of one?

Not sure if that's Earl takling or me...

Anyway... I didn't, I've come home and it's sat on top of the TV.... not sure what I'll do with it.

Most people would probably have spent it by now.... there is something clearly very wrong with me.

12 Feb 2010

Day One: The Flame Thrower!

So finally made it to my campsite, left good and early, took it easy on the accelerator and got here in good time, but only 90 minutes of day light and priority one is shelter. So up with the tent .... in no time at all suprisingly for someone that hasn't camped in such a long time, so after the tent up and making like the preverbiable "Bear in the wood", there's only one thing left to do to cement my camping credentials..... yup.... gotta cook something, then I know I am master of all I survey... so out with both camping stoves an arsenal of pots and pans and then I notice..... forgot the matches..... but he, one stove is self lighting, light one and use it to light the other... dead easy. so carfully I start to bring the second stove closer to the already lit first stove...... WHOOOOSHH!!!! it only has two settings.....off and flamming Armageddon..... I'm flayling around thrashing this way and tyhe next way.... the flames are shootiing everywhere... I keep thinking.... OMG it's going to explode....then a tiny voice speaks to "Smother it".... so I slam it into the ground... not a good idea with a gas cannister that your holding..... for obvious reasons...... then a second of clarity..... it has a knob on the side.(It has one holding it too)... I turn the knob and whooom.... crisis overted.....

11 Feb 2010


Sorry there wont be much posting on here for a while.
I'll be around here for a while so will update with pics etc when I can but don't know when.

10 Feb 2010


Just when you're all set and ready to go, you discover you've made a schoolboy error.... my sleeping bag has seen far better days... time for a new one, no way I'll be camping in Scotland without a half decent one.

8 Feb 2010

Too early to go camping.....

But I'm not going to let it stop me.
Decided to have a break away for a while... so I am heading off to Scotland to camp out and mooch around a little and see what's happening.

Send you all a postcard as soon as I can