30 Apr 2009


Moving out of my home tonight.

Guess where I'm going to be staying for the next couple of days?

Right answer wins 100 ec's each attempted answer wins 10 ec's

29 Apr 2009


THis happened today near where I live...




I'm moving out soon....
feel a little sad... and going to miss the cat...

She's sat on my lap watching my fingers intently as I type.

Going to miss her.


28 Apr 2009

Just when farming gets interesting

There has been a or running joke better Ut and Tiddles, it has to do with farming, what kind of farming we shall not tell you just yet but lets just say, gosh have we got a bumper harvest this year!
So Ut and Tiddles are off to fertilise the grounds again and see what it brings in tomorrow and maybe soon we will let you know what we are farming.


Never been a really big coffee fan, but since I started blogging I've found the dark brew to be almost essential to staying alert and well.... especially when I read certain blogs... LOL

FREE!! Free atlast

Tonight is my last night on call for a couple of weeks...

The money is plenty helpful and will be more so in the coming months but after your brain has been turned to puss by a 10 hour conference call about a problem and you never contribbute more than a sentence and the occasional grunt... you have to ask yourself...

Is it really worth it?

27 Apr 2009

You have no one to blame but yourselves!

I did say "Getting angry doesn't solve anything".

I even picked out 2 very good songs to makeup for my lack of real input but alas, left to my own devices I reverted to type.

Now what?

24 Apr 2009

Chapters end

If you look over your life and be honest about it there are some things you wish you never done and other things you are so happy you did do. Some chapters just happen no matter what, like the lovely weather we are having right now! Seasons change and that is a good thing now I can get some colour again!

22 Apr 2009

Bloody Mobile Phones!!!!

I turn around to go home....

I look for my phone.... exactly where I left it on my desk.....

And the bloody Pillock I sit next too...


No Biggy right.......well I was supposed to be oncall so now this clown will be getting inundated with calls
Poetic justice

21 Apr 2009

Walk in the park?

Going to go for a walk in the park near me.
It's the one thing I reallt like about where I live.
I need to do up the house but I always seem to be a bit skint, but having the park right next to wear I live and a big park too with a stately home makes all the difference.


I've been slacking a little on the old entrecards.

Don't know how some people do it sometimes, but despite the hot debate around EC at the moment I am still glad it's their, it's helped me find my way around and introduced me to some interesting sites and people I wouldn't normally have come across.

20 Apr 2009

Bean there done that.

Being a Brit, I'm a tea drinker, but it's not just a British thing, no not at all, infact, Americans love tea too... they loved it so much they even held a Tea Party in Boston...

So tomorrow I fancy a change and it will be coffee that is the drink of the day... a good friend has got me into Jamaican Blue Mountain... yum

Pppppickup a penguin

I've started dieting aand cutting out booze... the booze has gone quite well... but now I'm blowing the diet by substituting with other stuff.... such as chocolate biscuits......

cya in 100 pounds time ;-)


Finally got Monday out of my system.
Got home and it was still quite light, so could go for a walk in the park.... lots of people there..... especially couples holding hands and necking too......


19 Apr 2009


This weekend has been amazing for weather, it's starting to feel like summer is almost here, problem is in a couple of weeks Britain enters monsoon season and for most of May we will see lots and lots of RAIN!!!

18 Apr 2009

Getting angry doesn't solve anything!

I'm getting worried now, about doing my paid posts, they seem to be taking over the blog a little and sort of diluting the theme a bit too much, but I'm not getting angry about it.
As Grace Kelly once said "Getting angry doesn't solve anything!" so I'm going to be like Grace Kelly.....

And in view of my gross dereliction of duty I am going to give you 2 songs today.

However there's a problem, once I start with The Pixies, it could go either way, either "Voice Of The Beehive" (gotta love the name) or The Sex Pistols..... anyone got any other suggestions?

Not so handy.

Have you noticed how there is always something to do in the house? Always some home improvements to do.
I am one of them people that you give a hammer too and before to long you will be hearing the ambulance sirens coming down the street, usually to save me or someone I have injured.
I am also a gadget person and love having little nik naks, all the useless things I own you will not believe and I do plan on adding to it.

I found this and want it !

So lets boil it down, Everyone around me is in danger if I do any D.I.Y yet I want D.I.Y gadgets.
Maybe it is time to up the life insurance!

I am sure you know about it

This was posted over on Tiddles blog and seeing this lady with the most amazing voice is Scottish and but living in England I thought it needed to me posted here too.
Now she has been discovered she might get her first kiss or even boyfriend and she is only 43 years old.
Discovered on Britian's got talent I am sure you have all heard about Susan Boyle.

17 Apr 2009

Another hard day done

Another hard working day over and time to start planning for the weekend.
I'm really glad that the days are a lot longer, it feels like you actually have a bit more time on your hands to spend doing stuff.

I have absolutlely no plans though.

I should take the trouble to make some but I feel a bit at a loose end at the moment.

In the next few weeks I'm hoping to travel a little and spend time planning places to go visit.

Well see what happens, who knows may find myself in your neck of the woods.

16 Apr 2009

Par for the Course

One of the things I hate about working in I.T. is the fact you need to constantly keep your skills upto date. The problem is managements attitude to training. They think that if they send you on a course, that's it your going to come back an expert and that all I.T. is like Microsoft. You buy the package, install the package, send someone on a course and you're all set.

I think not.

In Times of trouble you know who your friends are

As a thank you to a friend that helped me through a really troubled time, and because I know the value of real friendship and always say "In times of trouble, you know who your friends are" I got this friend a gift and we both got a suprise when we checked what the gift is now worth....

Here's to friendship ;-)

12 Apr 2009

Happy Easter everyone

This is it, the best Easter egg ever invented.
The Cadbury Buttons Easter Egg, my absolute favourite.... I have never gone without one ever at easter. I would always get 3 or 4 eggs at easter but this one was always my favourite because it's just all chocolate. No fancy wrapping, not some commercialised for easter version of a snack bar or sweet, this was what it was about. Chocolate... oh yeah... and the religious aspect too..... after all.

But mainly chocolate... having one of these always made me smile, so today I'm off out to get one.
Yes I am on a diet and I don't care.....

Happy Easter!

It's been ages since I did anything at easter...
We have a weird tradition in this country of painting eggs and then rolling them down hills...

Hard boiled of course!

I'm laying off chocolate this year chocolate eggs have almost lost their appeal....
Except one, I've always loved the Cadbury's chocolate button's easter eggs.
They're nice and small and the small bag of chocolate buttons always remind me of being a kid and rolling easter eggs..

And no.... this is not a paid post....

8 Apr 2009

And God created........ a child curiosity

A little girl asked her mother: 'How did the human race appear?

' The mother answered, 'God made Adam and Eve; they had children; and so was all mankind made.'

Two days later the girl asked her father the same question.

The father answered, 'Many years ago there were monkeys from which the human race evolved.'

The confused girl returned to her mother and said, 'Mum, how is it possible that you told me the human race was created by God, and Dad said they developed from monkeys?'

The mother answered, 'Well, Dear, it is very simple. I told you about my side of the family, and your father told you about his.'

Marking time

I have a friend that is quite, shall we say, "House Proud", everytime we talk, she's cleaning this room or that room, or re-decorating some area of the house or something. Then she told me her guilty secret, whenever people come to visit if there's mess, clutter or junk lying around, she quickly scoops it all up into a bag and hides it in a cupboard.

Yesterday, she decided to clean the cupboard out.

Going through each bag was like counting the rings of a tree,"Oh, This was from that visit 3 weeks ago", "That was from a visit by this couple 3 months ago", "Wow 8 euro from 7 months ago"..... "This... last time I saw this was over a year ago when such a person visited".


7 Apr 2009

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This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

To get your own policy, go to http://www.disclosurepolicy.org

6 Apr 2009

When you trust friends.

You know how it is, you trust your closest friends with your life right?
Well that is all well and good but what happens when you trust them enough to give them your password? **evil grin**
This is what happens, friends log in and leave blogs, but to try and make it up to you MyUtopia I am also leaving you with a drink, so Cheers mate! just remember it might not be so safe trusting me with your life if I abuse your log in like this **chuckles**

Feeling the squeeze?

Well since I moved on from my "Madness" phase i've been going back and listening to some of the other stuff the stuff I never really rated but liked a bit at the time and now for some reason later on started to actaully quite like....

This is one by Squeeze.

5 Apr 2009


Been quiet and peicefully un-productive.... can't say I've done that much at all except do a bit of grocerie shopping and mooch around over the park as the sun has been shinning... Did go for a jog this morning and thsi song came on it which is what I like about setting it to shuffle, you sometimes get a pleasent surprise.

I am in SHOCK!

Didn't see that coming, no warning, nothing... and the boom, there it is...

Dunno what to do now....

I imagine there is some rule about not tagging the person that tagged you... so need people to tag.... on the plus side.... I am apparently.. "IT"... which might be a good thing, unless you've seen the Stephen King book/film.

I now need to go away and consider my response.... you should also consider steering clear of my blog unless you also want to be tagged, however the fcat that you've read this far, does suggest that this warning is a little too late......

OK here I come ;-)

3 Apr 2009

You probably all hate me now!

I tried to resist... Really..... I did!!! Honest!!
But in the end a tough choice had to be made, if I'm honest I didn't really want to do it but with the threat of redundancy once more luming and the ever increasing threat now posed by demonic bunnies (see Spring is in the air.... I need to grab every $$$$ I can, and so I have to do Paid Posts.

All I wanted really is a bit of light, a bit of space, that's why I started blogging.... but now survival has taken over....