31 Oct 2009

Weekend begins

The weekend has started and it's not long till xmas.
I'm going to try and make some time to do things, there's a place not too far away and a nice drive even though I hate driving called Howarth, it's popular because of the Bronte's and if you take the scenic route you can head through lovely villages like Sowerby and Hebbdon Bridge it's also famous for a film called "The Railway Children" and has a fully working steam train tour and at Christmas everyone dresses in period costume. It's great fun and I love xmas I always make sure Xmas is special.

24 Oct 2009

Well earned break

Just back from a well deserved break. I took some time out from pretty much everything and focused on trying to get my place straight, experiment with a new project and take a trip to The Netherlands. I had a fantastic time, the country is really lovely and there are some interesting places to visit. I did go to Amsterdam a couple of times but mainly I spent some time in the countryside. Tried loads of different food and especially loved Stamppot which I will post a recipe on, it's definetly worth a try.

9 Oct 2009

Letting standards slip?

Today is my last day for work for nearly 2 weeks, Hoorrayyy!!
But what's also good about today is that it's a dress down day, so as soon as it hits 4pm and the 0.00000009 tenths of a second later when my foot crosses the threshold of the door, I will be on holiday.... I think I might be having some Champagne!!!!!

7 Oct 2009


Ahh I am giggling my butt off, This is Tiddles, the friend MyUtopia is visiting in The Netherlands and I am just popping in to let you know, some of you guys are just silly!
When one goes on vacation you know there are a few things you take with you, tooth brush, comb, clean socks and under pants (you know what your mum says about having clean underpants on!)
So there are some things you just have to take with you, so i laughed myself silly when MyUtopia started freaking out the other day when he was writing a list of things to pack I heard something like AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
**chuckles** MyUtopia just remembered he does not own a suitcase!
Yeah Ut you need something to pack your clothing and toothbrush in! lol

5 Oct 2009

Nudge nudge, click click, wink wink, grin grin..... know what I mean!

Probably not, well that post about Holland and not yet having a camera reminded me of yesterday in the part. We're in autumn but despite that the weather's been pretty good, fairly warm excpet in the evenings as the days are getting shorter and plenty of sunshine and not much in the way of rain. In the park I like to visit there's a large rock garden full of trees and lots of different oplants, but they all seem to be in a state of flux. Some look ready for winter and have started to change but only a little, others that are more autumn blooming are starting to come out and some that should be showing signs of autumn still look like they have done all summer. So there's a huge mixter of light browns with dark deep greens everywhere and still lots of flowers in bloom. Yesterday there were lots of families their too so I stopped off for Coffee and cake and to read my paper.

After about 30 minutes I was all done, the coffee and cake gone within 5 minutes of sitting down to have them under an acer tree. I should warn you... I'm a nutter magnet, if your reading this blog you probably fall into one of two categories, (a) You're an entrecard dropper, so thanks for dropping by or (b) you're a nutter, in which case welcome, take a seat next to the others.

So I tidy the table, get the plate, fork and coffee mug ready to take back inside when someone calls to me... "hey mate!.... can you spare any loose change?"... at this point I realised teh days was going too well... I replied "no... sorry". OK, I'm Scottish and we have a reputation for being a little tight... in fact I have mentioned to a friend on several occasions that copper wire was invented by to scots fighting over a penny, also that if a scotsman dropped 50p it would hit him on the back of his head as he bent to pick it up. In this case, I just dont give money to homeless people, not beause I'm uncharitable, but over hear I know there are places they can get food and get help.

So anyway, I start to fold my paper again and not quite finished with me yet he replies "Finished with your paper?....", no, I said, it happens I was about to head home and finish it their, "seen the Grand Prix?"..... an unusual tactic that nearly caught me off guard and must have been some sort of ploy to cuk me into further conversation, sorry but I had things to do that day, so I told the truth much to my embaressment and to his disbelief, "No, I haven't seen the Grand Prix as I haven't got a TV"... I was totally polite... but he immediately looked away in disgust as if I'd just had a dump in his breakfast, like I'd just told a blatant lie.

Ah well the rest of the day went well anyway.

Stroopenkoeken Heaven here I come

Finally I have booked a flight to Holland, I've not had much of a break this year or a chance to get way so I'm really looking forward to this. I haven't been outside the UK much in a while and I've never been to Holland and to be honest anytime anyone has ever mentioned Holland I've imagined it's all like Amsterdam. Amsterdam is still not a bad place to visit but from the pictures a friend has sent me there's a lot more to it that I know I'm going to love. We're also going to the Efteling which I'm told is amazing so I'm looking forward to that too.
If I can get a Camera sorted out between now and when I leave then hopefully I will have some pictures to put on this blog.

If you never hear from me again it's either because I've decided not to come back or I've overdosed on these bad boys.

1 Oct 2009

Weekend already!!!!!!!!

Finally booked a bit of time off and got loads of stuff sorted.
There's a food and drink festical on in Manchester so I will definetly being going to that..... and not driving as I wont to taste lots and lots of wine.
Then get some lovely cheeses, especially Pecarino as I love that on scrambled eggs, then I will just take it easy, get some stuff sorted around the house and things. As for the rest of it, I might see if I can get a last minutes deal somewhere, leave Saturday and come back on Sunday or Monday. Trying to save money so wont be doing anything for more than a couple of nights tops.

Just as I was coming home MGMT came on the radio so that's got me in the mood for relaxing and enjoying myself.