30 Jun 2010

Jersey Here I come

Off to Jersey to visit my brother, his wife has not long given birth to a baby daughter so i'm over to see her for the first time. No baby pivtures yet but i'm sure there will be loads

28 Jun 2010

I love the Pixies

The only thing I like about the World Cup is that an advert uses this song.

24 Jun 2010

3 Peaks Finish

Everyone home safe and sound now, we managed to complete the challenge just outside of the alloted 24 hours but just 20 minutes, but everyone wants to do it again next year and everyones really pleased with their acheivement. We all had fun which is what matters most and we managed to get a few more ££££ for charity too and we have some nice photographs and memories too, and a good few laughs.

18 Jun 2010

Three Peaks Pt1

Off on the 3 peaks challenge tomorrow, so far as a team we've managed to raise £7,500, although I wont be walking the peaks I will be a support driving, getting people from A to B and preparing food and stuff.

Should be fun and looking forward to doing it.


14 Jun 2010


You know.... I never really got into football, just never had the interest so although the world cup is on the horizon it wont really make any difference to me.
Ah well, maybe I give cricket a go, the weather is good for it.

9 Jun 2010

I love rustic cooking which is why I love Ratatouille

I like the recipe on here as it's simple and quick, but I prefer to cut some of the corgettes and Aubergines a little more finely nad sometimes like to add some beans too as I usually find it doesn't fill me up for long, so the beans bulk it out a little.

5 Jun 2010

Summer is here

Finally, today has been great and really warm, it's starting to look like we will have a really great summer after all. Only problem is I seem to be working most of it. My brothers wife is expecting and should drop anytime soon, so I'm waiting till then before I take anytime off work.