27 Aug 2009

A note to Myutopia

I will never forget you standing there as I walked past you, you looked creepy so that is why I walked faster!!!
LOL joking
It was a lovely surprise and we done so much and had the best time, can not wait to be back in the UK next month (next month is only 4 days away!)

22 Aug 2009

I never tell lies.... EVER!!.....

Honest...... I would never lie to you about something like this, I am the most truthful person I know, Honest! What, you don't believe me. OK I'll give you an example of my recent trip to London. A friend of mine was going to London with a friend and her daughter and this was going to be her first ever trip to London so she had lots of things planned for her to do to make the whole trip special, She even had a ride around Hyde Park organised for her as she is crazy about horses and riding on the Saturday. They were going to have such a great time and I told her I would come down and spend a day with them on Monday.

But I fibbed, just a small fib, not even a lie, instead I came down Friday, stayed in a hotel near to where they would be going for riding, got up the next day and setup my ambush. I got there 20 minutes in advance of their arrival to see where everything is and get familiar with the area and once I was in position I texted her to ask if she was nervouse about the ride.... to my horror.... she was running a little late... What top do, well I went to the stables and just mentioned she would be a little late but that she would get here and was on her way. Anyway, I got chatting with the girl at the stables and almost lost track of time. I hastily made an exit from the stables into the street and suddenly 100 yards away, there they all were. ULP.... I made a quick about face pulled out my map of London and gave it the lost tourist routine... and when they were out of site headed to my ambush point in the park and waited.

While the daughter was riding round I had intended to spring a suprise on them as they walked alongside, but chickened out and partly I knew this was a special suprise for the daughter so I decided I wasn't going to muscle in.

An hour later the ride concluded so I made my way back to the stables and 15 minutes later they all emerged all with beaming smiles on their faces. I couldn't help it, as they approached me I couldn't help but beam back..... I continued to beam right up until the point they walked straight past me.

I after they got about 3 feet past me I managed to just catch her eye with a small "Hey it's me" wave and finally the penny dropped... and my fib was exposed. Not really a lie is it? I mean... I said I would come down Monday OK... I did say I would only come down on Monday.... but, I can change my mind for reasons of "comic suprise" can't I? I'm sure it's permitted by law.

So there we were, all 4 of us chatting away and laughing, then my friend notes... "I was chatting to the girl in the stables, telling her that we were worried about being late and that a friend had help organise it but they weren't coming down till Monday... and then she started laughing... and I couldn't understand what was so funny"

Anyway... everyone had a great time and we packed in quite a bit.. there were 2 pairs of quite sore feet for sure but despite that we saw loads of things and the weather was perfect the whole time and we did loads of stuff for free which is much easier now as the majority of museums and galleries are free. So I'm going to do some posts and links to stuff that if you ever visit London will help take the sting out of it.

18 Aug 2009

Trip to London

Yesterday I was supposed to travel to London... but sadly I did not make the treck from Manchester to London :-( .......................

Instead I decided to be very sneaky and travelled down there on Friday, to give a few friends a surpise.... in fact they were su suprised..... they walked straight past me........

There I was standing in the street... all smiles.... giggling at my duplicity..... and they walk towards me all smiles......... and carry on walking :-(........


5 Aug 2009

Credit Crunchtime

With everything that's been going on in the financial markets lately, I've decided not to take my money for granted, especially as I'm at risk of losing my job at the moment because of it all.
So I'm going to try and avoid where I can giving my money to big business's that have huge profit margins and squeeze small suppliers till they pop. I'm going to shop around a lot more for everything, they need my money and no matter what I can always go out there an earn more, so intend to make them work for it.

I'm going to shop at farmers markets for food, ok will be slightly more expensive but not by much and atleast the money stays local, but things like gifts I'm also going to get from someone that made it themselves rather than from a factory that churns out thousands a second and uses child labour, just to satisfy the demands of the big high street retailers.

I had a look on ebay but I think ebay takes too big a cut but I did come accross this site "Imagination Madness", I love the designs and I think the people that I give this too as a gift will appreciate the hardwork and skill involved in making them... This one I like the most..


Started off quite well but now going down hill...... it's true what my grandfather tole me... gambling is a tax on the stupid.

Ah well

In for a penny in for pound... cya at the next GA meeting.

It is a little quiet here

With all the planning of the upcoming trip it has been a little quiet here recently, I promise things will get back to normal as soon as the trips is over.
So agendas have been made, tickets and hotels booked now it is just a matter of getting up at 5am for that plane!

3 Aug 2009

It is all up hill from here

The days are getting marked off the calendar by the kid for when the London trip is, the teddybear passports are made, suitcases are sitting out ready to be packed and now... Now we are already looking at the plans for next years trip, Australia.
A dream of many but it is my home country and the fact my child has not seen it is not ok with me, so this year London, next year Australia!
**smiles** hi there myutopia just thought I had to let everyone know we are visiting you lol**