15 Mar 2010

Getting Ideas

Looking around and getting ideas for my break, I've found through a little bit of digging around on different carrier's websites I've managed to find a couple of nice cheap flights to Dublin. I've never been before, been to Belfast and the north as well as parts of the south but never the Capital of the south. Might book it tomorrow but I need to work out the finances and see what hotels and accomodation is like round there.

Time for another break

I've been back at work now for 3 weeks and I have come to the conclusion..... I need another break. Think I might book a flight some place exotic.... like... Glasgow..... or somewhere further a field. I think I might book something for just after payday, a quick city break, see where the cheapest flights are and just pack a small rucksack and off.

6 Mar 2010

Breath in, breath out

I have been breathing in and out of this brown paper bag for days now. As you may have read a few days ago my best friends is M.I.A and last night I got to touch base with her and it was just in the nick of time before I turned into Patrick (you know Patrick the starfish from sponge bob) Last time I turned into Patrick I lost all ability to use my brain and I went to live under a rock. So we touched base and I got some of my sanity back, I have put my brown paper bag in my back pocket as I just know she is about to run away again.

3 Mar 2010


My best friend in the whole wide world is M.I.A! I can not handle this crazy, insane world without her, my head keeps spinning and people keep talking to me, inside and outside of my head, I keep hearing voices!
Leave me alone I need my friend, someone send her a text message or call her name from the roof tops.
There is one thing in this world that keeps my feet on the ground and that is her, my best friend, my sanity where there is none, she needs to come home soon or I will not be held responsible for what may happen.

2 Mar 2010

Turn it up

Oh my goodness, this back to work thing is just no fun! Even after one day of vacation and relaxing it makes you want to run away forever, there is only one problem with that, the world never stops even if you run away, there are still bills to pay and things to take care of and truthfully it just sucks!
Have you ever noticed that before going on vacation and when coming back there is more stress then what you started with? Before leaving for a few days I wanted my house in order and I was also going crazy on my faithful MP3 Search Engine, so I had enough mosic for my trip.
There is nothing more relaxing then discovering a new country, town or city with your favurite music playing in the background.
I was having a blast from the past being in the town I was raised and playing old(er) music that sent me back to the past. I do not know why it has taken me so many years to go back to where I grew up but it was fun and I should do it again sometime soon and obviously not forgetting my music!