29 Jul 2009

What's on

OK... I don't have a TV, right now I watch DVD's and stuff on my PC, I haven't got a TV capture card but I have to say, I'm starting NOT to miss TV which is a real worry.
Definetly going to get one sorted soon.

Decisions, decisions

Need to take some time off work soon but I'm at a bit of a loose end and can't decide whether to take a week off and grab a cheap holiday or what. I know if I take sometime off now, all I'll do is mope around the house.

28 Jul 2009

New start

not long to go, looks like I may be getting a new staret but not the one I thought I would get


the day is drawinf closer and i've jst got ot book the tickets.
Feel a little worried but I hope it all works out well.

25 Jul 2009

Taking a break

I am on holiday, well till tuesday anyway. I Just wanted a bit of downtime fom work and spend a bit of time just mooching abut, there's a festival on in Manchester, a jazz festival but being typically awkward, I'm not in a jazz mood, instead I'm listening to the Wilbury's, hard to believe that theses individuals got together by chance, just the right place at the right time with the same love and passion.
I believe that this was the first song they recorded.

Can't make an omlette without peeling a few potatoes

As the saying goes anyway..... so as I keep saying, I really don't like over the top food adn I'm progressively going back and revisiting old simple recipes, a bit like raiding your dads record collection for some classic songs from way back that are still just as good today, I'm sorting doing the same with recipes.
This morning for breakfast it was "Spanish Omlette".

I changed a couple of bits and also added a bit of Cumin and some cut green beans.
That's what's great about this it's a simple basic thing that you can add things to, to your liking.

2 eggs
2 potaties
half an onion
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil

Crispy Cheese Spanish Omlette - The best bloopers are a click away

23 Jul 2009

Free time in London

Still researching things to see and do in London particularly with a view to them being free as this place will suck you dry. This is something I definetly want to see, the new Pavillion at the Serpentine Gallery, I love the shape of it and can't wait to see it, the only thing I think I need to worry about is the weather.

cats and dogs

It is over, there was weather somewhat warmer for the last weeks but it has been an on and off thing, a little rain then the sun comes out so it is all sticky.
Today it is raining cats and dogs and it is the day I wanted to get a lot done, it always happens, even last night I thought it was warm and dry enough to have a BBQ, ohh was I wrong, by the time I got home and started up the bbq- out door grill it started to bucket down with rain so it was an inside BBQ!
Well I guess it is time I move my butt and try not to think of the rain so much and get some things done.

22 Jul 2009

Stop wine-ing

I don't know what it is, but in summer I tend to drink a bit more beer and a lot less wine, but I like to try new ones but this one is definetly one of my favourites, I think I might place a regular order to make sure I don't run out.

21 Jul 2009

Where's MY Summer!

I mean...... I know the weathermen get it wrong often.... it's a long running joke, weatherman says Rain, we get Sunshine, weatherman says Sunshine we get Rain, weatherman says, light drizzle......... we get a blizzard...... but they said this summer would be a scorcher a real record breaker... so how come all it's done today is try and drown me in liquid sunshine,,,,, yup I mean rain and lots of it.......

London drawing Closer!!!!!

London is getting nearer and I've got all the travel arrangments sorted now.
Got the train tickets the hotels and 7 day travelcards all sorted in advance so getting around should be no problem at all.

I'll post a list of possible things to be seen especially free ones as London just seems to leach $$$££££ .... whatever from your pocket.... every step your wallet just seems to get lighter with

Hello max!

There are so many things I do not like when hearing the word "Max"
Mad Max, ok movie, the word max does not scare me a lot...
A German Shepard named max, yes that can end up badly, usually with me bleeding.
Going to the garage and they say "sorry but it cost the maximum that we quoted" oh that makes me soil my pants and then there is the one that happened today " Sorry but your credit card is maxed out" ohh my god, now the interest rate is going to kill me.
Well thats life, right?

Up, down, round and round

Life, how funny is it with everything that happens.
Life it is sometimes worse then a roller coaster. I am pretty sure that life and mother nature are working hand in hand to make people look stupid and to add to the roller coaster ride that we call life.
Things can be going along perfectly in life and then BAM, you fall flat on your face and what happened just before that? it rained and you landed in the mud. There were sayings made for moments like this and it was sent from mother nature.
Knee deep in..........
Why did I write this blog? no bloody clue it was just something on my mind.

17 Jul 2009

Weekend starts now!

Ok... it almost starts now, I have to work most of Saturday, but it's not Saturday, it's the exciting interlude just between work finishing and the weekend kicking off when you can get things sorted and remove the shackles of work with any means at your disposal whether thats going for a jog or a nice glass of Cognac (three guesses what I go for) lol... but the way I hope all of you are starting it is with Music!!!!!!!! nothing quite sets the tempo or temprament for the weekend than music.... I love this song... I'm just part ready to relax from work but also get ready for action and this song says it all.

14 Jul 2009

London Calling!!!

OK... got some more prep work done for the London trip, looked up some attractions which were free and also got some stuff plotted on google maops that would be interesting to see and do. The accomodation is sorted so that just leaves the trains and things to arrange and book in advance.. I need to get hold of an oystercard too and that should make the trip a lot easier.

Why is it?

All I can think about? I sleep, dream, eat and work London right now! It is just going to be mind blowing, a whole family affair so to say!
So anyway other then that life is pretty fast paced right now, work is not even 9 till 5 any more it is 24/7 mind you the extra cash for London will be great.
You know how expensive it is to be in London? it is insanity at its best! Well anyway time to blog about something new.

11 Jul 2009

London Calling

London is getting closer and closer, but what's been great has been the looking around for stuff to do and especially the stuff for free.
There seems to be just loads including free guided tours and free access to some of the great buildings too.

10 Jul 2009

Friday again

Getting itchy feet, it's friday and aI need to do something before the weekend is gone, plenty of time to relax on a sunday evening and prepare for the long drudge ahead but really it's all got to start with Friday or there's not point at all.

All set in stone

So it is all confirmed, my friends will be over in August, it is their first time with their little monster so I think there will be a lot of spoiling going on.
I shall travel down to see them for a day or two while they are in London, maybe we go out to the movies or even a nice dinner, who knows?
I am looking forward to seeing everyone hope they feel the same about me, if not bad luck they are stuck with me!

9 Jul 2009

London Calling

I have a friend visiting the UK with her family and for her daughter it's going to be her first foriegn travel so I'm really pleased that I managed to get a really good hotel booking quite cheap in the center of London, right in Kensington, perfect for shopping and site seeing.

Out of steam

Heading out for a run, I've taken up jogging, just a quick once round the park... and it's really shown me how unhealthy I am... usually get to the park gates and I'm out of breath... don't think I do it regularly enough to be able to build any stamina..
We'll see

8 Jul 2009

Half way there

It is Wednesday! soon it will be Friday and then it is the weekend, correction then it is technically a weekend where most people have it free.
On a free weekend I would like to clean up my house a little, do some shopping, sit in the park and read a quiet book and most of all sleep in!!! but do you think I get weekends free? hell no it is way to busy at work that I am not even sure what a weekend is any more!

7 Jul 2009

Time for a quiet break.

Been thinking of getting away on and off for a while and was thinking of heading up to Scotland for a spot of camping or something. Then a friend put me onto an idea that I have to say I find facinating... in some parts of Scotland, instead of camping in a tent you can rent or even buy a Tipi....

I thought... brilliant... so I'm looking for places to go in Scotland with a Tipi, they're a little expensive to buy but I love the idea of doing it just once.

Summer time

I am not sure if summer time is over or just starting, let me explain.
It is insanity outside the office and on the streets, the kids are on summer vacation and like always they are loud and disrespectful, it is making my hair fall out and believe me when I say there is not a lot to fall out!
It is really summer weather though the last few days it is starting to cool off and there is rain way to much for my liking, so tell me, is it summer time or is it over?

6 Jul 2009

Own Goal!

I've been lazy and let my goals slip a little, I've let stuff get on top of me especially at work so I'm going to take some time off soon I think and get a bit of perspective. Don't fancy going abroad yet and I need to get my finances in order.

How was your day?

I just got home from work, threw down my bag on the floor in anger (which is not a good idea as it contains an expensive alptop and the company will charge me to repair it...... BUT I DONT CARE) and then immediately hit the booze, well a small 25c bottle of bier... merci garcon.... hit the internet to look for some form of solice in this Monday of madness and "Bing!" a friend pops up on MSN.... "Hey, how was your day?".... seconds later came my response. "..TIRED, ANGRY, EMOTIONAL, ABUSED, TIRED, TAKEN FOR GRANTED, CRABBY,TIRED, EXHAUSTED, SORE HEAD, TIRED....."... a few seconds later "oh..... well I'm having PMT".....

How the hell can I compete with that... just when my day can't get any worse it does... becuase someone is having a worse day than me that I can never in a million years compete with...... thanks a bunch pal.....

Just kidding.. ;-)

As I often say, in times of trouble you know who your friends are.

3 Jul 2009


Anyone fancy a pint.... last shout.. just off to the pub for one... maybe four so get you orders in now.

What do you mean I don't know how blogging works?