15 Jan 2009

Craggy Island (NOT!)

Nope , no Father Ted, No Father Jack Hackett.... and definetly no Father Dougal Maguire.
What am I talking about, only my next job. I'm going to be made redundant soon, mainly because of stupid bean counters, so I've decided to cast my net far and wide.... in fact so far that I've uncovered my dream job....The Best Job in the World and it will be mine....

I apologies now to all you unsuccessful applicants.
I will be thinking of everyone of you... every day...... just as long as global warming doesn't kick into hyperdrive and my island becomes a sand bar overnight.
Father Jack


Tiddles said...

I love Father Ted! After reading your blog I went and downloaded the whole first season and sat in bed laughing till 1am. Thank you Ut.

Julieanne said...

Cracks me up! When we open a bottle of wine 'Driiiiiink!' can often be heard in our household :) The funnier thing is that my fiance used to be a Catholic Priest and is one of his favourite shows.