23 Jan 2009

How can you properly thanks someone that saves your life?

For a while my life had been in a slump, I don't mean it was a disaster, it was just in a rut, not heading anywhere except down. every day was the same routine, go to work, come home, pay bills, pay debts, worry and do it all again the next day, usually after drinking.
Then I met someone that became a very close friend and she reminded me that "In times of trouble, you know who your friends are".
She is the most fearless person I had ever met that despite some really rough moments in her life and some very big let downs, caused by other people, some she had thought of as "Good" friends, she always found the strength to keep going.
We got to know each other almost a year ago in chat, I had hoped that there could one day be something but as time has gone this has now proved to be something unobtainable.
What she did was to wake me up from my sleep and make me start realize what my dreams where and that I did deserve to have them fulfilled, but that only "I" could make it happen.
So I've started to think more about what my dreams are and how I'm going to achieve them and this is all thanks to her.

I have this policy too, that I never simply give people what they want, when you do, people don't appreciate it or cherish it, they don't see the meaning behind it about friendship and frequently never thank you for it.
So I did something unusual, I'm not a big risk taker you see, so I bought some shares for her in Barclays (50p woo hoo), I think in a year they will be worth a lot more. Hopefully in time this will go a little way towards her getting what she wants or help fulfilling a dream she may have. I know she'll get there anyway, so this is just a little help and a little thank you from someone that knows who their friends are.

I want to wish her all the best for the future and all the happiness, I know she has someone special in her life and that her life even with what turbulence may lay ahead of her, her true friends will never let her down.

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