11 Mar 2009

Lucky Man?

It's been a weird start to the year, a lot of major events in a short space of time but I suppose that's just the nature of change.
Sometimes I've been up, other times quite down, however some good friends have pulled me through, OK.... one good friend but don't read into that, OK?
Anyway, I have my health, things are starting to brighten up a bit more (because the days are starting to get noticebly longer), some of the goals I set myself earlier in the year are now actually starting to pay off (Haven't had a drink in 10 weeks this day).
I don't think 2009 will be the best year for me but I think it will be the year that I get things on track so I can build from it.

As usual I do nothing without a song, music keeps me going you see.


CyberCelt said...

Cheer up! 2008 almost killed me, so I have high hopes for 2009.

Angels all around you.

MyUtopia said...

Thanks CyberCelt, I was going to say the only way is up but in your case it sounds like that statement would include a Halo.....

Unless you think you were destined for... "The Other Place"