5 Jul 2010

Tickling your funny bone

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I've been wondering about getting an iPad for a while now but borrowed a netbook for a friend before I went on a flight to Jersey. The great thing about it was that it was light, not too fiddly, but the best part the screen was great for viewing films but also I got great internet reception and streemed things like SeeSaw seamlessly. I watched loads of stuff and the time in the terinal just flew past.
Comedy section was great, I can't watch anything too serious and intense, I just can't concentrate on it and watch for my flight. With comedy it's great, it's always in nice bite sizes that entertains you, but don't require you to try and keep following a complicated plot.

The best part about Comedy Section is seeing some of the comedy programmes I hadn't seen in a while, like "Red Dwarf" and "Fawltey Towers", some of them are just sheer classics and great for passing the time. I spent ages watching "Father Ted", I've seen every episode of every serious atleast a dozen times and it just keeps getting funnier.

I remember as a kid staying up late to watch "The Young Ones" and remember how my parents just didn't approve of it, not one little bit. I'm going to be stuck on this site for ages and next time I'm might actually miss my flight, but there's nothing to worry about, I will have plenty to keep me entertained until I can get another one.


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