28 Dec 2008

Are we nearly there yet?

Well, survived Xmas without Over Dosing on Turkey and booze, braved the Boxing day sales and lived to tell about it thanks to my pointy elbows (out of my way, that last gift set is MINE and no I don't care how many grand kids you have..... sweet heart), so practically bought all of next years Xmas presents for half the price (Yes I like to plan ahead).

All said and done really, I'm more looking forward to next year, there's some uncertainty on the job front, but I've decided I'm going to set myself some goals to achieve, nothing too specific just specific enough to keep my focus and my eye's and ears open for passing opportunities to achieve my goals but also to give me that all too necessary kick in the backside I require from time to time.

I have no plans for New Years eve, not even planning to stay up for "The bells", even going to miss Jools Hollands hootenanny.... this is extremely unusual for a Jock. Instead I want to get up early, go out for the day and generally make a fresh start to the year.

2009 will be a good year, no matter what happens.


MAC said...

Is it just me, my age or what but did Christmas come in quitely and leave the same? I really can't believe it's come and gone so quickly. I stored my summer clothes away yesterday only to realize that I'll have to get them back out in just a few short months.

sandsofthyme said...

You'll be getting them out in a few short months!.... be another 6 here in blighty... yep. it did seem that way... very quiet.