30 Dec 2008

Why can't I have 2 birthdays?

I was in the supermarket when I got an almighty and I do mean almighty shock.
There I was looking at the Xmas bargains, all that stuff the people didn't buy that the supermarkets are now going crazy trying to get rid of.
As I walk down the aisle I'm looking over the rows of shelves stacked with festive goodies, all heavily reduced, mince pies, xmas cake, xmas crackers, yule logs, gold foil wrapped chocolate bunnies....... hold on! am I going nuts, did we skip a few months, chocolate bunnies and sure as eggs is eggs strange oval shaped chocolate treats.....

Am I missing something? Isn't this stuff for easter? I mean... that's a sweet deal, you get to celebrate your birthday and no sooner have you got that out of the way, your getting set to celebrate your next one.

OK... I know, easter is when he died, but then later was reborn... so in some ways it's like a second birthday....

So I've told all my friends, that's it, I want 2 birthdays too.... why shouldn't I?

So what are you all getting me?

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