7 Jan 2009

Back to basics

One of the other goals I've set myself is to actually plan meals, but not like a menu, you know fish on a Friday, but to actually plan what I'm going to have but also cook it from the basic ingredients, no packets nothing shop bought.

So what could be simpler and easier than bread and soup.

I've made a start on the bread front and found a great recipe for "Irish Soda Bread" and I have to say it is fantastic.

I'm also going to have it with an Irish Stew and this is what I love about peasant food, it's so simple and tasty I'm really enjoying making it.

Now for something trickier, going to try and find a great and simple recipe for Focaccia, wish me luck.


MAC said...

The recipe looks great but what is pinhead oatmeal?

MyUtopia said...

I KNOW!!!! I looked everywhere and as a last ditch attempt asked in a health food shop. I don't think Delia shops in the same shops as regular people..... in fact I don't think she even shops on the same planet. In the end I just used regular outmeal and it came out perfect.