4 Jan 2009

He shoots...... He scores!!!!

Inspired by the immortal phrase "He shoots, he scores!" coined by the late Foster Hewitt, I decided several weeks ago to set myself some goals. Every year I usually set myself one, nothing too specific usually, just something to keep me focused and watchful for opportunities to make things better. However this year with the help of Joe's Goals (you may have noticed the ticker), I have decided to set a mixture of non-specific and very specific goals.

I should point out that when I say non-specific I really mean that I have no specific plan or strategy formulated for achieving the goal, I'm just going to apply myself to being me in my daily life and try and carry myself in the directions life takes me if there is something that will help me achieve it.
No Drinking1 Point
Keep Job1 Point
Update Blog1 Point
Jogging1 Point
Meditation1 Point
Fearless10 Points
Drinking1 Point

I'll try and explain these goals a little and the points system.
First of all the faces denote if it's something positive or negative, the points are a weighted system so even if i have one drink, something I want to cut back on, then I can try and do something else more positive to try and get something back.

Fearless is my biggest no specific goal, its a 10 because it's really difficult for me to do something fearless, I am not a big risk taker, so if I can do just one fearless thing this year as far as I'm concerned I'll have achieved this goal.

The way I track all of these things on Joe's Goals is simply by placing a or a next to my goal on the day it happens, hopefully there'll be more green than red.

Anyway... off for a jog round the park.

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