16 Feb 2009

Bushfire Appeal

I don't think anyone could have failed to have heard the news about the Australian Bushfires, some of you are probaby thinking that it's strange that an appeal for aid is being launched to assist another developed country, especially when considering the number of people dead compared with something like the Tsunami. I don't mean to play a numbers game or draw comparisons as these are real lives but the media that reports it does very often give us these figures to give us an idea of the scale of the disaster. In this case I think this is also leading to some desensitization of the disaster when people and the media do draw comparisons and quote statistics.

I have a friend who fought the last really big bush fires back in the 1980's when she was only 9 and for me no-one can tell me more about how much an impact it has and how terrifying it is to be trying to beat back a wall of flames while trying to make sure any embers that are blown by the wind don't set fire to your property.... imagine it.... all those little sparks caught up in the air and all it would take is just one landing on a roof and your whole life is changed.

Is anyone still wondering how it is people a developed country need aid?

Then take a few minutes to read some of the blogs from people on here especially those that had to fight the last really big one at the age of 9 and you'll begin to understand why this is such a disaster. I think the media struggles to comprehend what this disaster really means which is why they report more on the figures and numbers, it isn't over when the flames go out, it's barely the beginning, whatever you do don't play the numbers game with this.

I believe in setting an example, not because I expect people to follow it, it's for everyone as an individual to think about the sort of person that they are and then decide what they think is right. If I was in the position that some of these people are in I think all I would have right now that really mattered to me was hope.

I've given a little, not enough but I think with more people, not simply celebrities, just people that care and want to see the right thing done by other people will perhaps look at what's going on even if it's only their prayers of hope, it will make a massive difference.


Jeanie said...

Here in the US, fires are common in California. I think there may have been some desensitzing from that because there are several every year. Recently we had fires in Florida and Southern Georgia. They wiped out my families farms and homes that were well over a hundred years old. There was very little help even from our own country. I think it is terrible that there is not more sympathy for any disaster.

MyUtopia said...

It's awful to hear that Jeanie..... I mean lets bail out the rich people because they can't run their banks properly but not help the every day people in the face of real life catastrophe unless there's an astranomical death toll.