16 Feb 2009

Remember when you thought 30 was old? ##NEWSFLASH## IT IS!

OK.... so I know I'm not over the hill and that 34 is not really that old...... right!
Even so in my advancing years I know you need to look after yourself, bit of exercise, get your 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, watch what you eat, what you drink and..... perhaps take the odd vitamin supplament now and again.
So every morning at work I'll get up from my desk and head down to the water cooler with a Berocca tablet (a sort of fizzy vitamin pill) and give myself that all important boost.

Today, I got up from my desk, Berocca in one hand and casually said to the rest of the people "right I'm off for my Atomic Fizz Bomb", I should explain that I work in I.T. in an open plan office, bit like being on the bus during rush hour, you can't pick your nose or break wind without someone noticing.

In this case it was more like the later, pretty much everyone within ear shot, clacking away on their keyboard, as I am now doing.... stopped.... and began to look at me with blank quizical expressions...... "you know!..... Metal Mickey" i continued.

This did not enlighten them and they're faces seemed to grow more concerned like I was now approaching senility.

Everyone waited for the smell to clear but it didn't. Then one of them, bravely or stupidly, depending on which side of the 30 border they spit from, said "What's an Atomic Fizz Bomb?, Who's Metal Mickey?"....... They still sat there in silence, the stench still not clearing.... "It's an old kids TV show" I said, "There's this robot called Metal Mickey" I said, "It eats Automic Fizz Bombs" I explained. Still there was silence... still the smell lingered..... then a moment later, everyone returned to their keyboards.... while I shuffled off to look for my zimmer frame and to complete my trek to the water cooler.

Incase you can't remeber... because you are so bloody old!!!
This is Metal Mickey

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