13 Feb 2009

Food Glorious Food!!

I love food, I don't so much mean that I like to eat, but more that I love the tastes, the flavours, the experience not really for the practicality side i.e. not starving to death. When I go to the supermarket, even if I'm broke and it's a choice between a loaf for the week or a focaccia that'll last 2 days.....   well it's focaccia everytime.... my motto is to deny myself nothing.

When friends come over and they see in my cupboard they think I'm starving myself or on a diet.
Today I got a blast from the past that may explain my bizarre behaviour. There is some other less conventional super markets here, some of the stuff is a little cheaper and sometimes a little unnusual. In this shop I saw something i used to have as a child "Bacon Grill"!!!!!...   "ARRSE" has a great description of "Bacon Grill" although I think the Ingredients from the one I bought will be description enough:-

Pork (43%)
Mechanically Recovered Pork
Pork Fat
Maize Starch
Pork Rind
Milk Protien????
Stabiliser (Sodium Trisulphate)????
Smoke Flavour ?????
Preservative (Sodium Nitrate)
Spice Extracts

YUM YUM huh?

When I think about all the stuff my parents used to feed me as a child I'm sure that these days they'd be arrested for child abuse, being Scottish this consisted of things like "Square Sausage", "Lard Sandwich's" and the worst cullinary crime of all........ sandwhich's made with either Tomatoe Sauce or with Brown Sauce (posh kids in our street had HP) sometimes both.


freeatlast said...

I do like you blogs - they are fun, interesting and they suit my personality.

Thanks for sharing some great, obsecure and fun stuff.

Julie :-)

MyUtopia said...

Thanks Julie, I'm new to this so your comments are much appreciated.