12 Feb 2009


OK the first month is well and truly out the window and I've decided to review my goals so far.

No DrinkingHaven't drank since December 31st
Keep JobStill have a job :-)
Update BlogDoing it now and again, but want to actually have something to write, I want to avoid drivelling.
JoggingGo atleast twice a week
MeditationStill a bi apprehensive about going to the Bhuddist Center and doing a class.
FearlessHaggled in a store over a desk and got him to knock 50% off... and to take it out to my car :-)
DrinkingSee "No Drinking".

So haggling is great fun and saves you tons of $$$$ and £££££ and (euro's) sorry can't seem to do a euro symbol.... It would appear that all market forces are governed by one of two things "Fear" or "Greed", right now it seems to be more of the former and less of the later... woo hoo...

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