2 Feb 2009

Just something to think about.

We've all done it, wondered what our lives would be like if we done things differently, either chosen a different path or chosen our words more carefully.......  yep I'm sometimes the later. But for better or worse the paths I've chosen, even though I may regret some of them have led me to some extraordinary circumstances or to some extraordinary people but better still led me to make some new friends. I may not be in much contact with some of them but I know I'll never forget them and if choosing a better path means never meeting them, I'll take the wrong path every time, because even when times are bad it can be these encounters which really redeem it. As I'm always saying to a very good friend that one encounter not too long ago brought me to "In times of trouble, you know who your friends are" and time and time again I've been proved right. I never write people off because I think that the hall mark of a good friend even when you appear to be falling out is being able to recognise the difference between having a discussion or a disagreement.

Right now there's a friend that is very close to me and always in my thoughts, even though she is going through a tough time right now and is the most fearless person I have ever met, I know that even fearless people still need the help and support of their real friends and she knows I'm there for her..... always!

So take a moment to think about all your friends and I don't mean weigh, measure and pigeon hole, because before you ask how good a friend they've been to you? ask the question how good a friend have you been to them? Even if you think you've been short changed in the friendship stakes, don't think you can get complacent or take them for granted, if you do they wont be around for long.

One friend that has been with me for a while and never let me down is music and I think of this song when I think of my friend and more so since the singer,
John Martyn passed away.

I'm listening to this and going to try and dig out my old address book, there's a couple of people I've not spoken to in years and I think now I'd like to find out how they are.

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