3 Apr 2009

You probably all hate me now!

I tried to resist... Really..... I did!!! Honest!!
But in the end a tough choice had to be made, if I'm honest I didn't really want to do it but with the threat of redundancy once more luming and the ever increasing threat now posed by demonic bunnies (see Spring is in the air.... I need to grab every $$$$ I can, and so I have to do Paid Posts.

All I wanted really is a bit of light, a bit of space, that's why I started blogging.... but now survival has taken over....



Femmepower said...

that's understandable. there are a lot of bloggers who are monetizing their blogs too so there's really no reason to fret. writing paid reviews aren't bad at all so long as you remain true to yourself. just write honest reviews, that's all it takes. good luck!

MyUtopia said...

Thanks for your supportive comment.

It wasn't something i planned to do... just sort of fell into it.