26 Jan 2010

Say Cheese!

You know... I used to work in management, teamwork was always the No1 approach... you can't stand over peoples shoulders all the time, I mean, you do have other things to do. However you have to maintain discipline, you have to command respect or all team cohesion starts to break down, people goof off and nothing gets done.

But I sure as S**t wouldn't sack anyone over a cheese slice. Ok theft is theft... but you have to know the difference between a malicious act to deprive the business secretly of an asset or a resource... or just poorly maintained management discipline within the workforce... if you create the oppertunity then someone will always take advantage.... if you keep discipline, then these things don't happen.

Anyway..... I better get this laptop back to the guy in work I .. borrowed it from..... LATERS!!!!!


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