1 Jan 2009

At the starting line

Happy New Year!

Well last year there was some bad stuff, but there were one or two high points that no matter how many bad things there were they more than made up for it. I also Achieved a couple of goals I set myself and I think ended the year quite well and have given me a few ideas on what to achive thi year.

So with this in mind I decided to start the year as I intend to go on and went out for a jog in the park next to where I live and also took my camera too. It was a frosty morning so I wanted to take pictures of all the sugar coated trees and objects in the park to remind me through the year how I'd started it and to spur me on to do some of my goals.

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Tiddles said...

Great photo's it is also really cold here, I took a small video I might see if I can upload it on my blog.